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Wanted: Brain Gamers

You heard that right.


Could just playing a game for 15 minutes a day keep you sharp? What if you treated it like an actual sweaty workout? You'd start with a warmup, get into a "workout", and "cool down" when you're done. After all, your brain is a muscle too.

The folks over at ThinkFun are looking for people who'd be up to test this theory out. They'll send you the games (one involves chocolate!) and ask you to spend 15 minutes a day at play. Next, they'll ask you for a little bit of feedback in your email.

Judging by how many of you enjoy our  games section, we figure this might be the right group to ask. If you or a friend would be up for a little home gaming, fill out this survey by next Wednesday, August 23.

Tell us if you try it out!


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