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Vacation: The new source of stress?


Surf, sand, sunny beaches and stress - one of these isn't typically associated with summer getaways. Yet a survey by global staffing firm Randstad reveals a surprising cause of employee stress - taking time off for a vacation.
When asked what they found difficult about taking time off from work for vacation, 84% of workers over 55 said the first day back was the most stressful, significantly higher than Gen Y, Gen X and Boomers.
So what can be done to alleviate some of the stress - tons of emails, a desk piled high with reports and paperwork and a full voicemail inbox - that comes with the first day back in the office from vacation? Below, Eric Buntin, managing director for Randstad US, suggests the following tips for making your first day back from vacation productive and stress free:

Get a Head Start - go through your email inbox the day before you return to the office. After deleting the junk mail, scan for emails from your boss, employees and clients, assigning priority for follow-up upon your return to the office. This will create a more focused environment once you arrive to work the next morning.

Ask for a Status Update - if you work on a team or have staff that reports into you, ask someone to send you an email updating you on your projects. By doing this before you get into the office, you'll have a head-start on your first-day priorities.

Be an Early Bird - arrive before normal office hours to ensure you get some quiet time to prioritize your to-do list and review and return voicemail messages. Once co-workers begin arriving, chances are you're more likely to engage in conversation and be met with distractions.

Take Your Boss To Lunch - taking your boss to lunch on your first day back gives you time to catch up on projects and discuss important matters in a one-on-one atmosphere.

Gas Up - be sure your car has a full tank of gas so you don't have the added stress of stopping at the gas station on your way into work, which can sometimes alter your morning routine. For more employment tips check out Randstad's website here.

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