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Are You Planning to Work Into Your Retirement Years?

Three-fourths of employed adults plan to keep working past retirement age, many because they want to, according to a new Gallup poll.

"'Retirement'" once connoted a lifestyle free from the demands of work, but also reliance on personal savings and Social Security," Gallup noted. "Both of those impressions may change if Americans carry through on their intent to continue working, at least part time, after reaching retirement age."

And that could be a good thing, according to Gallup.

"While this could be a disappointment to some retirees, it could have benefits both socially and health-wise for Americans, if staying in the workforce keeps seniors more physically and mentally active than they would be otherwise. It would clearly help them financially, particularly if the alternative is dependency on inadequate retirement savings and an uncertain Social Security system. This, in turn, could benefit the economy, with seniors contributing experienced labor as well as earning income that fuels consumer spending and, therefore, the economy as a whole."

Only 19 percent of those polled in April said they would choose to retire. Some 40 percent want to keep working. And another 35 percent think they will have to keep working for financial reasons.

The results changed a little with age and a lot with income. The details:




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