Tell Us: How Do You Want to Volunteer?

There’s a great op-ed today in the Chronicle of Philanthropy talking about how foundations can promote volunteering.

“The signs of interest in service are everywhere. A group of scholars and leaders housed at the Brookings Institution has proposed that Congress join with the White House to double the size of the Peace Corps and to establish a program of Global Service Fellowships to support American volunteers interested in working with nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, and universities that are committed to advancing peace and development. In the past few months, California created a new cabinet-level position for service and volunteering, and the U.S. Senate joined the House of Representatives in establishing the National Service Congressional Caucus.”

At AARP, we’re pretty focused on engaging people in opportunities to make a difference. In fact, nearly half of our 39 million members are out making a difference from their own communities to the halls of Congress. That’s why AARP’s joining ServiceNation, which is working to make more opportunities available to people who want to get more involved in national or community service.
So, tell us, what do you do to make a difference? And, while everyone’s focused on engaging young people, how can AARP be doing more to make sure those of us over 50 have more opportunities too?