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Mary W. Quigley, a journalist and author, has written two books about motherhood and work. An NYU journalism professor, she is the mother of three adult children, and blogs at

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Why More Generations Are Living Under One Roof

Posted on 07/21/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilySo much for the empty nest. For decades, older Americans have shared the same roof with their adult children. Since the recession, millennials started boomeranging home, and staying and staying, often into their early 30s. In 2012, in fact, a record 57 million Americans — or 18.1 percent of the nation’s population — lived in multigenerational family households. That’s double the number in 1980, according to a new Pew Research Center study. >> Sign up for the AARP Money newsletter The multigenerational …

How to Enjoy a Vacation With Your Adult Children

Posted on 07/15/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyFamily vacations run the gamut from a mountain cabin shared with mice and other creatures to a retirement celebration in Hawaii. As we jump on planes, trains and automobiles for multigenerational summer sojourns, what can we do to guarantee five-star success? I consulted three experienced family vacationers who’ve traveled near and far with adult children and grandchildren in the toddler-to-teen range. All agree that planning is essential. Who pays for what — transportation, meals, rentals, activities — must be discussed …

Move Over Boomers! Millennials Claim Population Trophy

Posted on 07/9/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyFor decades, a baby boomer age has had the largest single-year population in the United States. No more. Now boomers have lost the title to their millennial children, with 22-year-olds claiming first place, according to the U.S. Census. Coming in second are 23-year-olds, with 53-year-old boomers in third place. This represents a major demographic shift, considering that from 1947, a year after the baby boom began, until 2010, a boomer age group always held the top spot. The Census Bureau attributes …

Why We Brag About Our Children

Posted on 06/30/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyMy mother was so proud of her adult children that even an offhanded “How’s the family?” launched her into a detailed accounting. My little sister repeatedly listened to this litany and threatened to print a brochure on the family. “Mom could just hand them out and save time,” she joked. The “brochure” of the 21st century is Facebook and email, where many parents share — okay, brag — about their children’s achievements. Not that bragging in cyberspace stops us in …

Why Your College Grad Moved Back Home

Posted on 06/23/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyAt a party last weekend, I met a new college grad who had just moved back home. His plans: a camp counselor job this summer followed by a teaching assistant job come fall. Over the next year or so he plans to save money and figure out his future; maybe an M.S. in social work or a Ph.D. in psychology. He was looking forward to reconnecting with his parents after four years away. “It’s the last time I’ll live at …

Do You Use Social Media to Snoop on Your Kids?

Posted on 06/17/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilySome parents have battled over technology use with their children since grammar school. First came the debate on what age to allow their own cellphones. Then we moved on to laptops in the bedroom, limiting computer time, blocking certain websites. Then texting during meals and conversations. Now we move on to social media, the alternate universe where young adults typically spend more than three hours daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among other apps. >> Sign up for the AARP …