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K.C. Summers, the former travel editor of the Washington Post, loves sidewalk cafes, quirky museums and retro roadside attractions. She has never had a bad trip.

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Booking a Trip? Timing Is Everything

Posted on 09/26/2012 by |Travel | Comments

TravelThe giant travel aggregator site Kayak has some advice for consumers on the best times to book travel in order to snag the cheapest airfares. Drumroll please… Don’t book too early, and don’t book too late. OK, that’s slightly glib. But that’s basically what the site — which says it averages 100 million search queries a month — concluded after sorting through a year’s worth of data. Among its recommendations: Book domestic trips 21 days before departure. Those who went …

Planning to Travel Abroad? 4 Things to Do Right Now

Posted on 09/5/2012 by |Travel | Comments

TravelI was resigned to spending my last week of vacation in the backyard. Then I got a call from a friend whose husband had suddenly hurt his back and couldn’t go with her on their long-planned trip to Scotland. Would I like to take his place, accommodations included? And oh yes, she was leaving in two days. I thought it over for about five seconds before saying yes. I tell you this not to brag (although woo hoo!! I’m going to …

Death by Flip Flop?

Posted on 08/14/2012 by |Travel | Comments

Your Life  My flip flops are trying to kill me. They look so cute and innocent. But as I just learned the hard way, wearing the minimalist rubber footwear can be hazardous to your health. If you’re heading to the shore, pool or theme park in these last few weeks of summer, know that your choice of shoes just might cut your vacation short. My moment of truth came one afternoon last month when I slipped getting out of a friend’s SUV. True, it …