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Why Soul Searchers Have It Wrong

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“Searching for a soul mate” seems to be a preoccupation on Internet dating sites. Supposedly, finding some preordained person will almost effortlessly foster days of mutual bliss. Should any conflicts arise, they will be easily negotiated. Most importantly, soul mates will bring out the best in one another.

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I don’t believe in soul mates. There, I said it! I don’t think there is just one and only one person out there for me. I have, however, entertained the idea of soul clusters — several people who could be the one to make my life more joyful, and I his in return. If, as I understand it, my age group has 11 single women for every single man, my soul cluster theory would at least increase my odds for happiness.

How might a soul mate and I maximize our chances of recognizing each other? In her book Soul Signs, Rosemary Altea describes an intriguing system of soul typing based on five energy groups. In the fire energy group, passion and emotions influence actions. People from earth signs are planners and strategists. Air signs avoid conflict and are generally easygoing. Water energies are able to flow and find ways around obstacles. The sulfur group has “foaming, wrathful and enraging” souls.

In addition to providing detailed descriptions and questions for determining your soul type and that of those around you, the book explains the compatibility levels of the various soul signs. Even if you have little faith in things like horoscopes or the Chinese zodiac, these 13 soul signs offer useful insights into your upbringing, work relationships, past love relationships, and screening tips for future relationships.

I most relate to the “dreaming” sign within the fire energy group. Although I’m not a perfect fit for this category, it helps to select one soul type to see how the system plays out.

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As for my soon-to-be ex-husband, my “ wasband,” he’s most like sulfur’s “foaming, wrathful and enraging” sign. That fits with something I noted long ago in Chinese restaurants. You know the paper place mats with the Chinese zodiac signs? He’s a dragon, which explains the fire shooting out of his nose from time to time. I’m a zodiac dog. According to the mat, a dog should never marry a dragon.

Coming Aug. 13: Who’s compatible with a “dreamer” soul sign?

 *Names and identifying information have been changed to protect privacy and security.

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