An up-close view of a woman wearing a puffer jacket with the hood up
It’s a common complaint among older adults: You’re constantly cold. But the reason isn’t just winter — your brain may be partly to blame.
A group of people drinking together on the beach
Staying Sharp’s Faces & Names Challenge is a fun way to both explore memory and learn about strategies that may help you next time you meet someone new.
A close up of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles
Feeling confused and muddy-minded? Brain fog can be a symptom of a poor diet, and these common foods are among the biggest culprits.
A woman kayaking in a river
Turns out, a lot of what we’ve been told about keeping our brains healthy as we age is false. Let’s clear the air and find out what’ll actually help.
Hikers sitting on a rock and laughing
AARP Staying Sharp is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle program that takes evidence-backed brain-health information and turns it into easy and fun actions.
A close-up view of a calendar with "Stop procrastinating" written on it
Your procrastination is a learned behavior that you might have picked up for multiple reasons. Here are five common underlying causes.
An up-close view of a pile of sunflower seeds in a sunflower field
Vitamin E plays key roles throughout the body. To meet your targets, put these foods in regular rotation throughout your week.
A woman with her hand on her head and looking out the window
Drawing a blank on your neighbor’s name? Life’s forgetful moments are not — we repeat not — brought to you by a mind that’s slipping.
The Medicare program requires higher-income individuals to contribute more toward the cost of the program than the general population. When enrolled in Medicare, people with incomes of $85,000 (or $170,000 for couples) pay higher premiums for Medicare Part B (doctors’, other health care…
The $1.1 trillion spending bill will do more than keep the federal government open well into next year.
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