Correy Robertson

Here's an article worth reading today from on a recent Pew study about how much time consumers are spending on news these days. (The fact that I got this story perusing USA Today's website just furthers the point of the study!)
Otis Redding would have turned 69 yesterday. Here's an oldie but goodie from the musical icon.
We can't hide from the scary statistic in the story from the ABC affiliate in Houston below: about half of American workers don't have any retirement savings at all.
I ran across this little roundup of an interesting study on book buying habits in America on The study was done by consumer marketing firm Bowker and is called the 2009 U.S. Book Consumer Demographics and Buying Behaviors Annual Report - and some of the findings surprised me, and some did…
chocolate heart.JPG
Believe it or not, this little guilty pleasure can actually help your heart. A new Swedish studies shows that eating a little bit of a high-quality chocolate every week can potentially have benefits on you heart's health -- but beware, too much of it will not:
I saw this in the news yesterday and am seeing it pop up again today: The Oxford English Dictionary may never be printed again!
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Does your home not feel "right" to you anymore? The layout, the size, the rooms -- are they not working for your lifestyle as you undergo life's many transitions? I love this AARP piece that helps you figure out not how to downsize, but "rightsize" your house into something that better fits you:
AARP released a report today that finds that prices of widely used brand name prescription drugs skyrocketed last year - "skyrocketed" meaning climbed more than eight percent (8%) even while general inflation remained negative. The New York Times covered the findings here.
I always love finding stories and advice like this from a reputable source - this time from CNN and
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