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Divorced Parents May Double the Demands on Caregiving Children

Instead of leaning on each other in their golden years, divorced parents may lean more heavily on grown children for care and support. Experts say adults whose parents are divorced should be prepared for the extra time and financial demands that aging and unmarried parents could require.

Presidential Politics Strain Facebook Friendships

We've all had them — those people in our Facebook news feeds whose political updates we find abhorrent or stupid or just plain irritating. But with Election 2012 drawing nigh, such updates seem to have increased tenfold, leaving us with that mighty modern quandary: To block or not to block? Or perhaps even – gasp – to unfriend altogether?

Boomer Boozing Costs UK 10 Times More Than In Younger Set

A new report from the UK finds that when it comes to treating alcohol-related ailments, middle-aged patients cost England's National Health Service 10 times more than younger adults.

How Private Is Your Genetic Code? Less So Than You May Think

Anyone who's watched more than a few episodes of <em>Law & Order</em> knows how easy it is to unwittingly get a sample of someone's <strong>DNA</strong> — a discarded coffee cup, a used Kleenex, a few stray hairs and you're good to go. In Dick Wolf's world, such samples are used to catch the bad guys (or exonerate the good guys), but in real life, <strong>genetic code</strong> can reveal a variety of information, including what diseases may lurk in someone's future. This type of genetic testing — known as <strong>whole genome sequencing</strong> — has many useful applications. But a report released today by the presidential <strong>bioethics </strong>commission reveals that many legal issues surrounding genetic <strong>privacy</strong> have yet to be addressed.

Poll: Half of Americans Prefer TV News; Older Adults Pay Closest Attention

Television is still the preferred news source for half of Americans, though it may not retain its dominance for long. While about 60 percent of older adults prefer TV news, just 34 percent of 18 to 35-year-olds say it's their top choice, with 55 percent of this younger cohort preferring Internet news sources. And that's far from the only generational difference in news preferences and interest. According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, the age groups differ not only in their preferred news sources but in the ways they consume and pay attention to news, as well.

Study: Some Expired Drugs Could Be Effective (But Don’t Try This at Home)

A study published yesterday in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows many prescription drugs could have a longer shelf life than assumed, in some cases much longer. But while the results could have important implications for drug companies, researchers are quick to caution consumers against applying the findings to their own medicine cabinets.