Keith Lind

Keith D. Lind is a senior strategic policy advisor at the AARP Public Policy Institute. His areas of expertise include Medicare, hospital observation, medical devices, and fraud and abuse. Read his full biography.
With the increase in use of hospital observation, concerns are growing about the implications and high out-of-pocket costs faced by some Medicare beneficiaries who do not receive equal coverage for outpatient observation status
Medicare's public release of hospital charge data is a bold first step in health care price transparency
Doc Patient Thumbs up 7-13
Patients typically receive coordinated care in the hospital from a team of health professionals. But what happens when patients go home? AARP has been concerned about such "care transitions" for years. In 2009, we published a paper titled " Beyond 50.09: Chronic Care: A Call to Action for Health Reform," which captured some of the difficulties people have when they leave the hospital.
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