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Harriet Komisar

Harriet Komisar, PhD, is a senior strategic policy advisor at the AARP Public Policy Institute. Her areas of expertise include Medicare, long-term services and supports, and health care policy. Read her full biography.
Telehealth visits are medical care appointments conducted remotely by video or telephone rather than in-person in a doctor’s office or other traditional setting.
Medicare policies implemented in response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency helped improve access to telehealth services for millions of people with Medicare.
Medicare spending growth rates in the decade before the pandemic were substantially lower than expected. These trends mean that people with Medicare, as well as the federal government, are seeing significantly lower costs for Medicare than had been expected.
Here's a look at some notable innovations in Original Medicare that put person and family first.
Congress has recently made some important changes aimed at helping people have a smooth transition to Medicare.
The June 5 release of the Medicare Trustees Report has triggered alarm bell-style media headlines. Dozens of news reports about Medicare’s worsening financial outlook have painted a bleak picture—some bleaker than others, with one boldface headline announcing, “Medicare will go broke three years…
The budget blueprint recently passed by the House proposes to redesign Medicare—the program that nearly all Americans ages 65 and older and millions of younger people with disabilities rely on for health coverage. The proposal would transform Medicare into what’s termed a “premium support” or…
Most Medicare enrollees can expect to pay the same amount for their Medicare Part B coverage (the portion of Medicare that pays for doctors’ services and outpatient care) in 2016 as they do this year ($104.90), according to estimates from the latest Medicare trustees report. But about 1 in 7…
Many consumers and policymakers mistakenly believe that Medicare pays for long-term care. It does not
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