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Keith Lind

Keith D. Lind, MS, JD, is a senior strategic policy advisor at the AARP Public Policy Institute. His areas of expertise include Medicare, hospital observation, medical devices, and fraud and abuse. Read his full biography.
Medicare spending growth rates in the decade before the pandemic were substantially lower than expected. These trends mean that people with Medicare, as well as the federal government, are seeing significantly lower costs for Medicare than had been expected.
Dentist takes x-rays of patient's mouth
A promising recent proposal by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which administers the Medicare program, could result in improved access to dental coverage for people with Medicare.
Good news for millions of older adults in the U.S. who suffer from hearing loss. The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) has just approved over-the-counter sale of basic hearing aids for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
Here's a look at some notable innovations in Original Medicare that put person and family first.
Older Hispanic woman holds her older Hispanic husband while they look over a medical bill together in a kitchen.
Evidence is emerging that Annual Wellness Visits, the preventive health benefit for Medicare enrollees created by the Affordable Care Act, are achieving their intended purpose—linking people with preventive services. But not all demographic groups are gaining the benefits equally
A blonde female doctor shows  an older black man a tablet during a medical visit.
Recent research shows that Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit appears to be achieving one of its key goals: providing a gateway for beneficial preventive and screening services
The Food and Drug Administration recently proposed to substantially alter the approval process for many medical devices
All too often, older patients are given drugs and other therapies that have not been tested on people beyond a certain age
Lower hearing aid costs will be good news for consumers, especially seniors with hearing loss
The June 5 release of the Medicare Trustees Report has triggered alarm bell-style media headlines. Dozens of news reports about Medicare’s worsening financial outlook have painted a bleak picture—some bleaker than others, with one boldface headline announcing, “Medicare will go broke three years…
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