Meg Grant

AAARP The Magazine's West Coast editor, Meg Grant has worked in magazine journalism for 25+ years for TIME, PEOPLE, Reader's Digest and AARP The Magazine. Celebrities and notable figures she has interviewed include Robert Redford, Tom Hanks, Natalie Cole, Sharon Stone, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Carter and Betty Ford.
Robin Roberts
Here’s a chance for you to be part of our conversation with the keynote speaker at AARP’s Life@50+ National Event in Miami. Robin Roberts, the 54-year-old coanchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, is the most trusted person on television, according to recent surveys. She has openly shared both the highs and the lows of her life story with us as she’s steadily moved onto ever-widening public stages.
It's hard to imagine that a movie about Alzheimer's could be realistic and uplifting, but A Short History of Decay, by first-time writer/director Michael Maren, manages both.  This indy film, arriving in theaters today, explores the ripple effect of the disease on the sufferer's partner, grown children and friends, all the while encouraging viewers to empathize, laugh and cry. In the end, this is a movie not so much about a devastating illness that affects memory, thinking and behavior, but about family ties, and how they endure in the best and worst of circumstances.
Movie fans were drowning in choice at AARP's Life@50+ event in Boston last week.
The first hint that the just-released documentary film  Pretty Old is something special is its title. It's not Really Old. Or simply  Old. It's  Pretty Old, as in, yeah, kinda, sorta old, but so what? And also, the conscious pairing of the two adjectives - pretty, as in beautiful, and old, as in wise.
Mariel Hemingway
The 51-year-old actress and granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway admits that she has spent most of her life terrified that the mental illness, addiction and suicidal tendencies suffered by so many of her family members-among others, her famous grandfather  and sister Margaux both committed suicide-would be passed on to her.
DaytonHyde leaning into horse
Dayton O. Hyde describes the 13,000 acres of land in South Dakota that is home to his Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, along with the wild horses that live there, as "a national treasure." Hyde himself, an 88-year-old cowboy conservationist, is as precious a national treasure, a hero fighting to the end to protect the land, the water and the wildlife of the American West.
EJ- Finals-  37
Elton John, whose first solo studio album in seven years comes out today, told University of Southern California students treated to a free concert of his last week, "You have to keep trying and improving. Coasting is dangerous. I can't just play 'Bennie and the Jets' over and over again."
Finally, a film that shines a light on a supporting cast-and, man, can they sing!  Twenty Feet From Stardom tells the stories of several backup vocalists for the greatest rock and pop acts of our time.  Legends like Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Sting, Madonna and Stevie Wonder appear in this moving and joyous documentary, but they're only there to sing the praises of the until-now-little-known talents who helped create their sound.
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