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Notable News December 14

We've talked about older Americans and technology in the past, and here's another testament to the fact that those of retirement age are really making use of the latest technologies - from mobile phones to DVRs to the "simple" internet. Check out this short article from the New York Times article - it says that people over 65 "spent 47 percent more time than the previous year watching embedded video within social networks." That's a lot of growth!
Here's an interesting article from USA Today that could be crucial for your or a loved one's health. Geriatrician Daniel Mendelson is featured in the article, and he says that the best indicator of an elderly patient's health is their ability to walk around a room. He says that trouble walking is usually a sign of trouble to come down the road. What's more is that doctors are even beginning to look at trouble walking as a disorder in itself. Check out the article for more information on a planned study, designed to determine if patients who engage in physical activity remain mobile for longer than those who attend classes without physical activity.
And finally, this article from the Wall Street Journal outlines the new rules that will apply to Roth IRAs come January 1st. The biggest change: the $100,000 limit for converting to a Roth will be lifted. But, there's plenty to consider if you're thinking of converting your traditional IRA or employee-sponsored retirement account to a Roth... Is converting to Roth right for you? See what the experts have to say.

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