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The Takeaway: No Social Security Checks on 8/3?; 'We're Not Old'

Social security in danger? President Obama acknowledges that 27 million Social Security checks may not be mailed if the debt ceiling isn't raised by August 2. ... McConnell in the clutch? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday unveiled a new proposal that would  "raise the debt ceiling with just a one-third of votes."  How the plan works: "Republican lawmakers would be spared from voting to raise the limit and could shift their campaign for unprecedented spending cuts to the congressional appropriations process, where the risk of stalemate is shutting down the government instead of capsizing the U.S. economy. However, they would lose the approaching deadline as leverage to pursue their cost-cutting agenda." While Democrats are cautious - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is "willing to look at" the plan - Republican leaders are concerned it won't play well to the rest of the party.

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... Who are you calling old? "Younger adults call 60 the start of old age, but baby boomers are pushing that number back, according to the Associated poll. The median age they cite is 70. And a quarter of boomers insist you're not old until you're 80."  ... Jobless rate jumps for older workers: From the latest report: Older workers took a disproportionate hit as the unemployment rate rose to 9.2 percent. "The unemployment rate for men 55-plus leaped to 7.9 percent last month from 7 percent in May. The rate for older women rose to 6.3 percent from 6 percent."

... Some interesting cancer findings yesterday:  American men with cancer are more likely to die than women with cancer, new research from the National Cancer Institute shows. ... Is there really a "safe" amount of alcohol use? "Many countries' alcohol consumption guidelines - which typically define a moderate, 'sensible' level of drinking designed to help consumers drink safely - fail to take into account long-term risks associated with drinking. "

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