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The Takeaway: What Dad Wants in a Nursing Home; Debt Deal: Hip-Hop Style

Senior men may require different activities in assisted living facilities-two men play chess

When it comes to "home away from home," men are left behind. In her search for the perfect rehab for her father, Pam Gerhardt found that many assisted living facilities often forget about the other half. It's hard enough getting your "still-young-at-heart" dad to agree to go to a home. So when he gets there, he should feel comfortable, right?  Not to be too stereotypical, but the window treatment designed to make the environment more relaxing won't cut it. And we can almost guarantee the knitting club sign up sheet will remain empty. Providers take note: As more 50+  men move into your facilities, some questions you may want to consider: Why isn't there a TV devoted to ESPN 24 hours a day? When's poker night? Why can't I get a scotch during the ice cream social? Related: Does moving into a nursing home cause depression?

... UPDATE: Congess passes debt deal. What does this mean for you? ... Back to our regularly scheduled programming: NPR's Carl '60 Cent' Kasell kicks the science behind the debt ceiling.

... Are you being sarcastic? A new study suggests instead of getting angry at employees, you may get better results with a little sarcasm.

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... D.B. Cooper update: Wait ...  update? Huh?  Yes, almost 40 years later the story still fascinates and the tips are still coming in. "The FBI is looking into a witness' account that the hijacker who in 1971 bailed out of an airplane over a Pacific Northwest forest with a $200,000 ransom actually died only 10 years ago."

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