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Can Watching Viral Videos Make You Smarter?

Can watching viral videos make you smarter or more productive?

In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers from the University of Western Ontario found that people who watched happy videos increased their problem-solving abilities over those who watched neutral or sad videos. Woo hoo! According to researcher Ruby Nadler, "If you have a project where you want to think innovatively, or you have a problem to carefully consider, being in a positive mood can help you do that."

As a lover of viral videos (and fuzzy animals doing cute things and laughing babies), this is music to my ears. So, I am going to use this space to celebrate amazing viral videos that deserve another look-and that will increase your productivity, make you smarter, probably more fashionable and more interesting, and at least for a minute or two, happier.

Disclaimer: I have no qualms with liberally using emoticons in a blog that celebrates viral videos, visual splendor and general web cuteness.

Without further ado, I present to you...




It was produced in 2005 by Sony for their Bravia line of TV's. It's still awesome, right?  Releasing 250,000 bouncy balls in the streets of San Francisco looks about as amazing as I would have imagined.

Check out this 'The Making of' video to see how they pulled it off...

And if you move quickly, you might be able to snag one of these amazing limited edition prints by photographer Peter Funch...

Bouncing Balls photo by Peter Funch

Have a video to share? I'd love to hear from you.

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