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We Applaud FCC Crackdown on Telecom-Landlord Deals


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will stop telecommunications providers from striking certain exclusivity deals with landlords and property companies — a change that should open the door to more options, lower prices and more transparency for tenants.

We expressed concern to the FCC in October about revenue-sharing agreements in which landlords and property owners get a kickback from internet, cable and phone providers in exchange for keeping rival providers out. Without competition, service providers can charge inflated rates and leave residents of apartment buildings and public housing without alternatives.

Our research shows that 60 percent of Americans 50-plus say the cost of high-speed internet is a problem. Internet, cell phone and cable bills account for 17 percent of the average older American’s monthly budget.

Read more about the FCC’s ruling, which cites AARP in several places.

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