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Family Caregiving a Top Priority for AARP in 2023

En español | We made great progress in 2022 on behalf of family caregivers, but more work needs to be done to really provide them – and those who count on their care – the support they require. The adequacy of assistance and resources still depends on where you live.

So as 2023 legislative sessions begin around the country, we’ve planned an ambitious advocacy agenda to build on our thousand-plus victories in 53 states and territories since 2014. On Capitol Hill and in state capitals, we will continue to push for measures that:

  • Make providing care easier, including through expansion of resource navigation tools and caregiver training, as well as through increased access to care at home and other supports. 

  • Alleviate the financial challenges faced by many family caregivers that can undermine their own well-being, including better access to respite care, paid leave and family caregiver tax credits and reimbursement programs.  

  • Improve the health and well-being of family caregivers, many of whom have seen their own personal situations worsen, including through needs assessments and other tools. And we will strive to ensure that all communities gain the support they need.

Specifically, at the federal level, we have a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of America’s over 48 million family caregivers by putting into action the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers, which was delivered to Congress last September. This strategy stemmed from the RAISE Family Caregivers Act, championed by AARP, and was developed with wide-ranging stakeholder input. It includes nearly 350 tangible actions that the federal government can take now and more than 150 that can be adopted by stakeholders and other levels of government to give family caregivers the help they so desperately need.

Creating the national strategy was an important first step. But it can’t be the only one. We need action this year by the Administration and Congress to deliver the support family caregivers so desperately need. 

I encourage all stakeholders to join AARP in this vital effort to support family caregivers—an effort that can ultimately affect the quality of life for every one of us.

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