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Our Poll Finds Americans 50+ Worry They Added to Polarization

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Ajay Chopra

More than half (54 percent) told us they’ve made political polarization worse for future generations. Nearly half said the same about crime and violence in the U.S. (48 percent) and about the state of the environment (45 percent).

The poll is the latest in a series of surveys we conduct with NORC at the University of Chicago. It shows that older adults “fear increasing instability both domestically and globally and feel responsible for these shifts," Caroline Pearson, senior vice president at NORC, said in a statement.

On a more upbeat note, nearly 3 in 4 older adults believe their generation’s technological advancements have left a positive impact on younger generations, and 2 in 5 think they’ve improved economic opportunity.

Read more about the poll’s findings.

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