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A Few Tuesday Health Tips

I'm always on the lookout for what the latest studies show in terms of how to stay healthy, how to lose weight, how to boost your metabolism... and if you read any news at all, you're bound to find at least one of those stories every day. Sometimes, studies seem like they were unnecessary (Study Shows Exercise Helps You Shed Pounds!), but the one that is all over the news today may actually provide some good advice - and make me feel less guilty for hitting the hay before 10pm.
A study done by researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found an association between less sleep and a decrease in fat loss. Experts say the findings of this small scale study are very significant because few studies have looked at the relationship between sleep and metabolism. It also makes sense that the longer you're awake, the more chance you have to feel hungry and act on that feeling.
Just another reason to make sure I squeeze in as many hours at night as possible!
While I was perusing that article, I found this one from Time; as someone who knows she eats too much salt but just can't help it, this was really interesting for me. According to the article, potassium is the "good salt" and if you eat enough of it, it is equivalent to cutting out some of the "bad salt." Check out the story to see what foods - besides bananas - can help you maintain health levels of salt in your body.

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