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Brain Games are Good Games


We've all heard the lingo used to describe brain as brawn: flex, workout, mental gymnastics and the like. But doing a bunch of good, old, hard thinking can be great for what is actually going on inside your head. We're not saying you have to do astrophysics or argue over Nitchze in your spare time (though those can be fun), but we do have a series of brain training games that can put your head-space through its paces. Plus, if people think you're wasting time, just say it is for good health. No one says joggers are procrastinating, why should brain games be any different?

But seriously, there has been a good amount of talk recently on the relationship between Alzheimer's and exercising your brain, and a  recent study suggests that lifelong mental engagement prohibits the formation of a certain type of plaque that forms on the brain. In general, being mentally active is always a plus. But this suggests positive outcomes for personal health over the long term.

For a more in depth look, check out this list of brain-training programs. Oh! And a few tips on improving your memory, just in case.

Photo credit: Cloois on Flickr

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