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Can You Survive Halloween Without Candy?

Halloween candy

Americans are expected to spend a record $7 billion celebrating Halloween, and the average American family will spend about $75 on costumes, candy and decorations. Those of us who have misgivings about the economy may feel we want to cut back on spending, especially discretionary spending. And what could be better than saving money and promoting fitness?

What actions can you take to slim your waist (instead of your wallet) during the Halloween celebration? What customs or traditions can you eliminate? And what habits can you modify?

For my part, I am not going to buy any candy this year. In years past, I've stashed a supply even though I live in the country and don't see any trick-or-treaters. Predictably enough, my husband and I eventually nibbled our way through the stash. This year, I won't pretend that I am buying the candy for others. I will, however, make a low-calorie pumpkin dessert and display my traditional Halloween decorations. Instead of nibbling candy, I'll eke out all the pleasure I can from these activities.

What about you?

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