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Fight Flu

flu shot

Just this past week, I stopped by my local pharmacy and noticed that, in spite of the hot weather, the place was plastered with advertisements - "Get your flu shot here today!"  While the weather seemed incongruent with the signage, flu season is definitely just around the corner.

So, what's new with flu shots this season?

First of all, there's a new high-dose version of the flu shot. The higher dose may mean higher protection from the flu. And second, for those needle-averse, there's a new version of the shot that goes just beneath the skin, instead of into the muscle. 

And the best part of all? Flu shots are covered by Medicare part B (another great reason to not miss Medicare enrollment).

So go get that flu shot today. Your body will thank you! Go here to learn more about flu shots this season.

Photo credit: paulswansen via Flickr

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