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Four Tips on How to Take a "No Gain, No Returning Pain" Vacation

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I work hard, so I want to enjoy my vacations. At the same time, I don't want to give up everything I've invested in losing weight and getting fit.

I could give in and indulge myself, knowing I'll shape up later? But if I decide to indulge, I may need to brace myself when I see the number on the scale when I return home.

I could go on an austere vacation, spending precious time feeling sorry for myself, frustrated that I never get a vacation from eating carefully.

Is there a middle ground? Yes. Here are four ideas that I use:

  1. Drink plenty of water. By staying hydrated, you'll be more aware of whether your body is hungry or thirsty..
  2. Seek fresh food. Buy lunch at the local grocery store. Pick out a salad and some fresh fruit. Or purchase a carton of yogurt and order a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. If you want to eat out, find places that offer healthy options here:
  3. Keep a cooler packed with healthy drinks and snacks. Include some fruit and other healthy snacks such as a jar of peanut butter, a carton of low-fat cottage cheese, or hard-boiled eggs. Some rental cars have built-in coolers.
  4. Take your fitness clothes and gear along. Look for parks that you can walk in, hotels that have exercise options, and fitness centers that have day passes.

Facing higher numbers on my credit card statement after returning from vacation is tough enough. I don't want to face higher numbers on the bathroom scale as well.

You can borrow my tips and add your own. That way, both you and I can have wonderful vacations and come back feeling fit, rested and relaxed.

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