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Jane Fonda is back for a workout.

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Love it. While Jane Fonda is talented in too many ways to count, one of these many gifts is being a fitness guru. Her aerobics videos were a worldwide hit back in the day, and it looks like at age 72 she's back for more. Via USA Today:
"The actress, who was the queen of the aerobics movement in the '80s and '90s, is hosting World Fitness Day, an exercise event Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.
And she just finished two new workout DVDs for Baby Boomers and seniors, scheduled for release in December. They're her first since the mid-'90s.
"I got a new knee and a new hip, but I want to show that, even at 72, with new body parts, you can be fit and healthy," she says.
At the fitness event, Fonda will do the warm-up exercises, followed by workouts led by high-energy fitness celebrities Denise Austin, Debbie Allen, Billy Blanks and Richard Simmons."
If you want to check it out, the event will be livestreamed on and Check out more on why Fonda is doing the event and her thoughts on fitness and health as an older adult. I just hope she still rocks her awesome leg warmers.

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