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Living to 100

couple dancing

Would you like to live to 100?  Take Dr. Perls' test.

Simple and revealing; my results show that I am going to live until 101-years-old.

Well, congrats to me.  I am almost middle-aged again.  My husband is going to live to 98.  So we'll have a big party to celebrate when I'm 93 and he's 97.  What to wear, what to wear?  I bet I'll have a dozen great grandchildren and I'll know every name and every birthday and... wait a minute... 

What if they haven't cured Alzheimer's yet?  What if I reach 101 and don't even know who my husband is?  What if my grandchildren and great-grandchildren only know who I was, not who I am?

That cannot happen.  It is up to us NOW.  We have to make Alzheimer's a distant memory, not us.  Let's find a cure. We can do it!

So I think I'll wear a satin dancing dress with seed pearls and lace.  I'll probably still have to go on a diet.  Sigh...

Photo credit: quinn.anya via Flickr

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