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Long-term care in health care reform

Here is a story from the Wall Street Journal today that discusses the inclusion of a long-term care benefit in the House bill. It's a program that would pay cash to people who become disabled by way of premiums deducted from employee's paychecks - but of course, employees would have the option to opt out of the program. The provision is meant to help with the problem that not many people have long-term care insurance if they need home care or to be in a nursing home. Medicare does not include long-term care benefits.
AARP's John Rother is quoted in the article - he says the long-term care benefit would be "enough to pay for the kind of care most people need."
More Technology News...
We mentioned the article from the New York Times last week about seniors and technology, and on the Times' "Gadgetwise" blog, there was a follow up piece posted yesterday that caught even more technology options that seniors might find useful - including AARP's official cellular service provider, Consumer Cellular, which offers phones designed specifically for older folks - with features like bigger buttons and simpler displays.
Travel Much?
Ever wonder if travel insurance is something in which you should invest? Check out this story from the Chicago Tribune. It gives "seniors on the go" the low-down on the kinds of insurances that are available to them, and what is necessary for different types of trips. One big fact to note: Medicare doesn't cover you outside of the U.S.! Just something to keep in mind. Check out the article for more tips!

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