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News To Know: Eat Feat


This past weekend had a lot of news regarding the how much Americans weigh these days. A new study said that we as a nation are continuing to get fatter as obesity levels increased in 23 states. Another study said that obesity rates are higher amongst adults who have lived with a romantic partner for at least two years than for those who were single or dating.
Still, there are still questions as to how directly being overweight can be tied to poor health. Though the connection may not be direct, there seems to be consensus in the health community that being overweight doesn't help your health in any way.
While we're on the subject of eating, the Nathan's hotdog eating contest took place last weekend. Joey "Jaws" Chestnut held onto the title for America, downing 68 dogs in 10 minutes for a new record. I wonder how eating like this affects your health:

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