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Save Me!

Everyone wants to save money. As this Chicago Tribune article says, many times, "it's not the desire that's lacking, it's the money." And not surprisingly, the article also points out that the less a person makes in salary, the less likely they are to even have a savings account.
So how can we build up a savings account these days? Check out the article for the full list, but there are a few I have found to be particularly successful. Like:
Automation! You're more likely to stick to a savings plan if it is "effortless," the article says. And ain't that the truth! If you automatically send just a small amount to your savings account each month, you won't even notice - until months later when you've built yourself a nice little fund.
And of course, make sure you are taking advantage of any matching programs that your employer offers for a retirement savings account. This year, many companies are bringing back programs that they cut because of the recession - so make sure you're in the know on what you can be getting from your company for saving up for your own retirement.
Happy Friday - and share any saving tips you might have with the rest of us!

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