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Health Care Law Celebrates Its First Birthday


And what a year it has been. Between negotiations, legal challenges and an uncertain future, the government continues to look forward and implement the new law -- as some of it already has been, including:

  • banning insurance companies from denying coverage to children with health problems, dropping coverage for policyholders who get very sick or putting lifetime dollar limits on benefits;allowing young adults to stay on their parents' policies until age 26;offering access to health insurance for people whose medical conditions make them otherwise uninsurable;
  • giving small businesses tax credits to help them insure employees;
  • providing many free tests and screenings in Medicare;
  • issuing $250 checks to everybody who fell into the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole" in 2010;

But it's unknown whether this will change or not. Check out more about the current status of the law, its history and what might be to come.

Photo credit: a.drian on flickr
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