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Is Your City Saving - or Costing - You Time?

Check out this really interesting article on (they got it from which gives us a look at the 21 top time-saving cities in America! The "urban efficiency" rankings takes into consideration all those little things that can ease the chaos of daily life, like timed traffic signals, ease of access to doctors - even easy recycling access.
Giving cities points in five categories - Getting Around, Health and Safety, Information and Technology, Green Time-Saver and Lifestyle - Real Simple ranked the top 21 time saving cities, and Seattle, WA came out on top. Seattle boasts extensive public transportation, an on-time airport, bike lanes, and a "state-of-the-art signal-optimization program, which synchronizes hundreds of traffic lights, thereby allowing smoother travel through the city."
Where does your city fall? My two homes - Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA - are ranked 7 and 8, respectively. Not too shabby! I will make sure to appreciate the Metro and my local farmer's market even more. :)

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