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Morning AARP: Turn That Music Down


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No, really. Turn those headphones down, kids! They really are hurting your hearing, as it turns out.
Morning headlines: Boomers are turning 65 in 137 days, and advertisers are starting to catch on (with a bonus quote from our Facebook commenters - thanks, guys!); Lou Gehrig may not have actually had Lou Gehrig's disease, it seems; and college entrance exam scores are down across the country. States got money from the federal government to rehire those teachers they laid off - but most districts can only stanch future layoffs.
TIME on the Pakistan floods:
But for now, there's only devastation and damage. "That's where my land used to be," says Hamir Soomro, gesturing toward the expanse of water that surrounds him. For as far as the eye travels in either direction, his family's 1,200 acres of rice- and wheat-growing land have been submerged. Only the tips of rice stalks can be seen. In the distance, there are trees and the crumbling remains of brick houses. The village itself has an eerie, haunted feel of abandonment. Even the police have deserted the area. "All that's left is a nice sunset," says Soomro, raising his hand to his forehead to get a clearer view of the full, orange sun dipping down in the distance, causing small waves in the water to shimmer gently.
Happy Wednesday.

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