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That's the Way the Ball Bounces!


How many times have I said, "Life's not fair"??? We've discussed how inches really make a difference. I've talked about how you can either be in the game or on the sidelines. Sunday during the Super Bowl, each and every one of those analogies rang true, even up to the very last play of the game. Tom Brady chunked a Hail Mary pass and it could have gone either way. It was just as great a possibility for that ball to have been caught as it was intercepted. For 4 seconds, millions of people gasped as they waited to see the outcome of that pass.

For the Giants, it was a moment of celebration. Yet, as the camera showed the box where the Patriots' owner and fans were sitting, it was apparent they were doing just the opposite. You could see the pain and frustration written all over their faces. One's life somewhat mirrors the Super Bowl. Your life is the biggest game you will ever play!  Sometimes the calls are in your favor and sometimes they  are not.

Was it fair that the Giants beat the Patriots? Was it fair that pass interference was not called on a play that could have been a game changer earlier in the game? Is it fair that a young man who practices hundreds of free throws gets up to the line to shoot one to win the game and misses? What about the kid that chunks the ball from half court and the ball goes swish - right through the basket for a game winning shot! Is that fair? Why do innocent children suffer often at the hands of family and friends? Why do I have a home and the guy next to me in the parking lot is homeless? Why was I able to birth two beautiful and healthy children and adopt another great kid and so many people long to have children and are never successful? Why do you have a car and your neighbor rides the bus? I could list example after example of the haves and the have nots. We've all asked these questions a thousand times. I once read when we get to the place that has all the answers, the questions won't really matter anymore. I for one believe that with all my heart. Nobody likes to be on the have not end- the rejection side.

It is not a good position for anyone. No one likes not to be called back after a job interview or not be approved for a loan or not to be accepted for a date or not invited to the party. These are self-esteem killers. However, as unfortunate as it is, it is a part of life. I guess what I would like you to understand more than anything is just because the ball doesn't bounce in your favor, doesn't mean that you are no good. You should not let rejection keep you from trying again. We have to learn to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and get back in the game. There will be other opportunities. In my personal life, there have been rejections and even though at the time I was dealing with them, I had no clue that they actually were the biggest blessings in the world. Just remember in the game of life, there's no one who is going to throw a red flag for a review of the play; there are no time outs! We all commit personal fouls each and every day.

Unfortunately, there is no ref to blow the whistle and charge us with a penalty for bad behavior because things didn't go our way. We are not going to hear an umpire yell 15 yard penalty for life not being fair today.  What we need to take to heart as an adult is that EVERYTHING we do counts! The importance of doing the right thing does not vary from circumstance to circumstance. Many of us are aware of what the right thing to do is, but my question is are we doing it? Even when life is not fair, do we still do the right thing?

Apparently Tom Brady's wife missed this memo as she was caught making a very "unsportsmanlike comment" as she was leaving her box after Sunday's game. She definitely should have had a flag thrown on her for an absolute flagrant foul. Yes, she knew what the right thing to say was, but she was not a happy camper about the Patriots' loss and said an inappropriate thing. Yes, I am probably picking on her because she is gorgeous and perfect, but it paints the perfect picture of the point I want you to is not fair. When the ball doesn't bounce your way, when you are grabbed by the face mask by life's unexpected demands, when situations arise that are beyond your control, when a major crises happens, or bad news you didn't expect to hear is thrust upon you, I hope you realize that you still have options. A victory dance is still a real possibility. This is just a mere delay of game!

You need to regroup and gather your team and come up with a new game plan. Use this as preseason training to reevaluate the situation and recommit to yourself, your plan and your goals. There are many lessons in life we can take from athletics. We are all a part of the team of life and how you handle whether you think the other team members are treating you fair or not is up to you.

There is very little outward difference in teams. The color of their uniforms, their mascot, weight of a player etc., but for the most part they are very similar, yet those little differences makes a big difference. Next time the ball doesn't bounce your way, I hope you will be a big difference maker. Insist that the rules be followed, refuse to be part of mean-spirited, disrespectful behavior, sacrifice personal gain for the benefit of the team, follow the rules and insist the other members do the same. Take a stand against what is wrong and remember every play counts. I realize this is asking a lot, but we think you are up to the challenge and have great potential, I see you as the next Eli Manning, the MVP, most valuable player of the game!

Photo credit:  Roger Smith

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