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The Cuban Dating Crisis

Segunda and Lady Piola over dinner with a friend.

Still reeling from a delicious date with the Cuban architect and his fish tacos, Segunda needed time to reflect on her unfolding dating  adventures. So she plopped herself in front of her manicurist, knowing that self-care can lead to self-discovery. Okay, perhaps like me, she was also looking to compare dating notes and reap the benefits of the collective wisdom cultivated among blow dryers and curling irons. 

In the middle of a second coat of polish, the manicurist perked up in describing her latest date.

"He's a tall Cuban architect and he made me the best - "

"Fish tacos," Segunda interjected.

"How did you know?" asked the manicurist.

What these two ladies had on their hands was a Cuban dating crisis. Lady Piola was right: There was something fishy about this Cuban. If only Segunda could be like the Dog Whisperer and really listen when Lady Piola speaks... Relationship guru Dante was right about dating bringing back all the high school drama. First the flighty jet setter and now the fishy Cuban.

Certainly, Segunda isn't alone. I've been there. Have you been thrown for any dating loops lately? Share your dating (mis)adventures or questions below.

Still, Segunda is determined to approach this post-divorce stage of life as her chance to reawaken dormant interests. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you put on pause and are considering going for? Segunda is getting those fish tacos out of her system with a new recipe from Denisse Oller in honor of Hispanic Heritage month.

She's also hatching a new plan with Lady Piola to put some distance between her and these dating doldrums. We both hope you'll come back next week.


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