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The Difficulties of Caregiving, Particularly for Young Boomer Women

Cynthia Ramnarace has a pretty insightful piece on AARP Bulletin from yesterday that talks about how growing demands on workers are making it increasingly harder for caregivers to juggle everything at once.
For the 66 million caregivers in the country, an overwhelming number of them are women approaching or in their 50s, still working at their own job, being responsible for their own kids and caring for a loved one who needs care. As caregiving can add to as much as 19 hours of care per week, caregivers report often having to take off of work or needing to switch to a less demanding job to take the time that care entails.
With all of this considered, people are "running on empty," says Barbara McVicker, author of Stuck in the Middle, who consults with companies on caregiving issues. The good news is that there are more folks like her working with employers who are beginning to recognize the needs that caregivers might have and are working towards being more friendly to this issue.
Read the whole piece for a more comprehensive look on the state of caregiving today.

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