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The Mountains and Molehills of Dating

Comic strip of a woman on her 40s.

Do opposites really attract?

This was the question Segunda and I found ourselves mulling over as we considered another round of the Dating Game. There was one contestant, let's call him the German "Mr. Clean," that I had yet to call back for a second date. Why the hesitation? He definitely stood out as a perfect gentleman and his rugged Bruce Willis looks were sure a draw. Plus, as a triathlete, he approached life with the same sense of adventure that Segunda and I continue to aspire to in our own second youth.

As I tightly gripped the phone, still debating whether to call, the reason for my hesitation dawned on me: Dating Mr. Clean meant stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm a city girl; he's a country boy. I have a poodle I treat like a second daughter; he has no dogs and three sons. A good date for me usually involves spiked heels, an art gallery, a movie or shopping; he prefers a hike followed by a swim followed by something else that requires more sweating.

Would I have to start eating granola bars or leap over mountains for us to have something in common? Was I making a mountain out of a molehill?

With each press of another digit on the phone, I asked myself: Wasn't living my second youth all about taking up new challenges, taking more risks? Shouldn't I kick off my heels, lace up some hiking boots and step out of my comfort zone?

His phone started ringing. Stay tuned to see if he answered.


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