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Google for the 50+

This morning, perusing the news, I found this article in the Washington Post so interesting! It is about a web site - a "powered by Google" web search engine that was created particularly for the over 50 crowd! I just had to check it out.
It was created by a high school junior from Maryland who watched her 80-year-old grandfather struggle when he tried to utilize the internet - he had a hard time seeing the small font, and couldn't tell the difference between "organic" search results and those that were sponsored.
So she took action! She created, which features a lot of cool user-friendly options. It has a larger than normal search box, and making the font bigger on the search results page is simple. There are no sponsored results, so no need to wonder whether you're clicking on an advertisement or an actual search result. And it always has "SafeSearch" on - making sure results are family friendly.
Oh - and for every 50 visits gets, 5 cents is pledged to a charity! When the amount reaches $50, the funds are donated. The first charity the site will be donating to is the American Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief.
Check out the search engine and the article - it's a nice little story to ease you into the weekend. :)

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