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Escape Endless Airport Security Lines

Airport Security

I don't know about you, but we absolutely hate standing in massive TSA airport security lines during busy vacation and holiday seasons.

We're lined up like cattle for slaughter.  People are tired, kids are screaming, and worst of all, the whole thing moves like molasses in Antartica because people refuse to come to these security lines prepared.

Come on, you've seen the guy who steps up to the security belt and then decides to remove his belt, empty the 15 pens out of his pocket-protector, remove God-knows-what from each his pockets, slowly untie his laced-up shoes, remove his coat, remove his computer, and then gets sent back through because he had bottled water in his carry-on bag.  ACK!

Sometimes,  I think it would be a good idea to have a giant rubber hand come out of the wall and slap you on the head if you come unprepared to this massive bottleneck in our airline transportation system.

Here's a few questions for you:

  • How would you like to move to the very front of the TSA airport security lines?
  • How would you like to leave your shoes on?
  • How would you like to leave your 3-1-1 compliant liquids in your bag?
  • How would you like to leave your laptop in your bag?
  • How would you like to leave your jacket on?
  • And for heaven's sake, how would you like to leave your doggone belt on?

Skip the line, put your bags on the conveyor belt, and go through the metal detectors.  That's it!  You walk through the airport security line like you're the President of Monaco, or something!

How you ask?  Sign up for the TSA Pre-Check that is currently being rolled out across the nation.  It's not yet available on all airlines, and in all airports, but it is certain to be coming soon to an airport near you.

How to Sign Up for TSA Pre-Check

  1. Call your airline to see if they participate.  Currently, the program is only available through your airline.
  2. If so, sign up for the program and add your PASSID to your airline's frequent flyer program.  This will embed the eligibility code into your boarding pass.
  3. Determine which airports are currently participating in the TSA Pre-Check. You can find a map here.  This is also rolling out across the country and is not yet available everywhere.
  4. If you are a frequent international traveler, enroll with the Global Entry program and you will get these benefits. Bonus - you'll completely bypass the long immigration lines in international airports.

Now that you know, sign up for this program right away, or you will see Carol and I waving at you as we pass you by standing in line.  Instead, breeze through with us and let's go have a mocha latté.

David and Carol Porter are contributors on the AARP blog, blog regularly at and keep us updated on their travels via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

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