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Almost Time for Tom

Well, the busiest travel day of the year is almost upon us - as is the busiest shopping day of the year! I, myself, am psyching myself up for a traffic headache tomorrow afternoon, but with the promise of family, good food, and good shopping in the 48 hours that will be worth it!
Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving this year? Here is a very candid story on about holiday travel advice - and how silly some of the most commonly heard instructions - like "get a tune-up!" - can be. Do you have any useful holiday travel tips? For me, I'm just preparing myself for the worst. I've got a travel buddy, a great road trip mix CD, a bag of my favorite salty and sweet snacks, an eco-friendly aluminum water bottle to fill at rest stops, and most importantly, a positive attitude. I'm looking at the four-plus hours on the road back to Pittsburgh as just the beginning of my holiday adventure back home!
Anything you'll be doing differently this year for Thanksgiving? Traditions have to start somewhere - is this the year for a new one? For my family, some tens of years ago, we started a Thanksgiving breakfast tradition, which inevitably involves my uncles showing up at the crack of dawn at my parents' house, where they demand breakfast from my mom, who is also simultaneously preparing the turkey for dinner. How do moms do it? (It's also tradition for her to complain about the guys in the dining room at 6 a.m...but I have a feeling she secretly enjoys it. :)) I can't wait! What are you most looking forward to?
We'll check back in tomorrow with news of note, but happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve - and if you're missing the crowd by traveling today, enjoy your trip!

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