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As AARP's sex and relationship expert, Pepper Schwartz aims to improve the lives of the age-50-plus audience by enhancing their relationships and offering counsel on everything from sex and health issues to communication and dating.

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Monica Lewinsky: Victim of an Outdated Double Standard

Posted on 05/6/2014 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

Bulletin Today | PoliticsIn a story to be published by Vanity Fair magazine on May 8, Monica Lewinsky, now 40, relives the pain and humiliation of being shunned — really shunned — in the old-fashioned sense of the word. For nearly two decades since reports of her presidential dalliance stole the headlines in 1998, the former White House intern has been unable to land a job. “Because of what potential employers so tactfully referred to as my ‘history,’ ” she discloses in the …

What’s the Secret to a Happy, Long-Term Marriage?

Posted on 01/27/2014 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

RelationshipsWhat does it take to keep a marriage happy, vibrant and enduring? I’m asked that question all the time. And while I think couples all have their own unique recipes for success, I’ve noticed that most include these five essential ingredients: 1. The ability to apologize  Every person in every marriage makes mistakes. Some big, some small, but always some you wish you could un-do. That’s only human, but happy couples admit to their mistakes — and apologize. Just as important is …

How to Handle a Sexless Married Life

Posted on 10/23/2013 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

Your LifeQ: As a survivor of childhood incest, I’ve been in therapy for close to 20 years. However — possibly because of the anti-depressants I take — my libido is dead and gone. My sexual parts are unresponsive. My doctor has suggested various treatments, including hormones, and my husband never complains; he loves me as I am and doesn’t want me to undergo painful procedures or take hormones. Is there anything you can suggest to help? I feel like my dear …

Dealing with COPD and Dating

Posted on 09/2/2013 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

RelationshipsQ: I just turned 60, have been divorced for seven years and have not dated anyone. I am really lonely. I work full time and have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which sometimes requires me to use oxygen. I am scared and embarrassed about possibly having to use oxygen on a date. Since being diagnosed, I have lost all my self-confidence.  How might I start the dating process? If think if I put my COPD out there, I won’t be …

Dating for Introverts: What Can I Do?

Posted on 08/30/2013 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

RelationshipsQ: I’d like to slowly establish a romantic relationship. I have been in treatment for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder for 21 years. I have joined interest groups and tried online dating sites, but haven’t found too many people who are reasonably intelligent (I’m in the top 5 percent), don’t want to travel, enjoy deep conversation, and can accept a partner who will never lose the “baggage,” which can be expected with chronic mental illness. I am introverted and like …

Not a Typical Movie Night

Posted on 08/28/2013 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

RelationshipsQ: Could you recommend good sex videos for older couples? My husband and I have been together 35 years, and we see ads in the newspaper for such videos. We’d like to view them, but their websites seem flaky and not very knowledgeable about issues of older couples. We’d like to watch videos to possibly learn some different techniques.  Dr. Pepper Schwartz: Good for you! You can get wonderful ideas and tips from videos (and they can be a turn-on, …