Making Food A Mission

Are you a foodie? Do you know a foodie? This is a word, thanks to two of my colleagues, Tammy and Alejandra that I’m learning more about. They like to try new restaurants, unique recipes and shop for fresh food at their local farmers’ markets. I’m intrigued and inspired by their blog posts, photos and their love of food, because, well, I enjoy eating it – although I am starting to branch out and try new restaurants.

So while searching for farmer’s markets in my area I came across a story about Celebrity Chef Michel Nischan. It seems that there are a lot low income communities, ones that are particularly ravaged by obesity and diabetes, that don’t have access to fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. So Nischan, who teamed up with actor Paul Newman has set out to change that.

Do you frequent Farmer’s Markets? Which is your favorite?