AARP Expands Efforts to Reach Multicultural Audiences

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AARP continued its mission to empower all people 50 and over by being a sponsor at all four major diversity and inclusion journalist conferences: the National Association of Black Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Association, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. AARP hosted booths, workshops, and panel discussions on topics ranging from health and caregiving to the Midterm Elections and what it means to be ‘gay and graying’ in America. AARP’s goal at each conference was to support and cultivate relationships with multicultural media professionals, educate them about AARP’s various programs and services designed for diverse audiences, and offer them story ideas, expert sources, and resources on the issues that matter most to their target audiences.


National Association of Black Journalists

AARP was a sponsor for the first time at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) convention in Detroit, an event attended by 3,000 journalists, producers, PR professionals, and journalism students and professors. AARP Media Relations held a panel discussion on “The Midterm Elections: What’s at Stake for the African-American Community,” where panelists shared insights on issues that matter most to older African-Americans, including health care, Social Security and caregiving. The panel was moderated by David Swerdlick, an assistant editor at The Washington Post and CNN Political Commentator, and featured panelists Rawle Andrews, Jr., Regional Vice President at AARP, Lynda Flowers, Sr. Strategic Policy Advisor at AARP Pubic Policy Institute, and Darren Sands, a political reporter at BuzzFeed.

Asian American Journalists Association

At the Asian American Journalists Association convention in Houston, AARP Media Relations hosted a panel discussion on “The Aging America,” which featured AARP Public Policy Institute’s Wendy Fox-Grage and Matt Sedensky of the Associated Press. The panelists focused on the growing 65-plus demographic and shared insights and data on the growing responsibilities of family caregivers and the current state of long-term care. AARP also hosted a breakfast panel with speakers from AARP’s Media Relations team, Multicultural team, and AARP Texas, discussing the work AARP does in the community and the resources available on health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment.


National Association of Hispanic Journalists

AARP’s Media Relations team hosted a panel discussion at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ (NAHJ) annual conference in Miami. The panel featured Maria Elena Salinas, Award-Winning Journalist, Maria Marin, TV/Radio Personality and Motivational Coach, Barbara Serrano, Author and Financial Advisor, and Yvette Peña, AARP Vice President of Multicultural Leadership Hispanic/Latino Audience Strategy, who discussed how aging has evolved in our society, and what is important in the lives of the Hispanic/Latino 50-plus. The panel shed light on why the audience is important to Hispanic journalists, and AARP’s vast resources, experts, tools and research that are available to journalists.

National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association

At the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association (NLGJA) convention in Palm Springs AARP hosted a panel on “Family Caregiving in America: Preparing for An Aging Population,” where experts discussed the often invisible workforce of family caregivers and how AARP can support them. The panel featured AARP’s Family and Caregiving Expert Amy Goyer, Sr. Advisor in Family Caregiving for AARP’s Public Policy Institute Rita Choula, and was moderated by Greg Phillips, AARP Media Relations Manager.

A second panel, “Gay and Graying: Why Older LGBT Adults Are Worried About Future Health Care, Housing and Social Support,” shared insights on the top concerns older LGBT adults have about aging and long-term care. The panel featured Nii-Quartelai Quartey, Ed.D., AARP Senior Advisor and LGBT Liaison, Jason Resendez from UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, and Lisa Middleton, a member of the Palm Springs City Council.

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