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Beth Carpenter manages social media for a whole host of fun topics at AARP, including travel, technology, entertainment, and sports.
They're small. The keys are tiny. The text is barely big enough to read.  Their ringtones are jarring, and only your 15-year-old grandson knows how to work it.  Cell phones are a must-have these days, but that doesn't mean they're any more fun to use than they were 10 years ago.
Happy 50th to one of the greatest bands that ever was. We have an AARP card sitting around here somewhere for you...
This cheered us up. Bill Murray just sounds like so much  fun. 
Car Talk
The following is a guest post from Steve Mencher, AARP multimedia editor. 
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As if we needed much confirmation. You take us to task on our Facebook page; you Tweet us links to your blogs; you're repinning our pins. Every day, you tell us how you spent time learning a new gadget, or asked someone a little younger to show you how. Every day, you spend more money online than any other demographic. You're playing Words With Friends, you're selling your used fishing rods on Craigslist, and you're starting new jobs with a little help from your LinkedIn profile. When we blog about age discrimination by your employers, you respond with 66 strongly worded comments. Are you on the Internet? To us at AARP, it sure seems that way.
Chuck Brown
When we heard the sad news that DC go-go legend Chuck Brown had died, I called his friend and sometimes rival Joe Quarterman. Here's what he said about Chuck...
The following is a guest post from AARP entertainment writer Austin O'Connor. You can read his previous installment of new TV previews here. 
Donna Summers
The following is a guest post by AARP Features Editor Barbranda Lumpkins Walls.
The following is a guest post from AARP entertainment producer Steve Mencher.
The following is a guest post from AARP entertainment writer Austin O'Connor. 
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