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Don't deny it, you know you have those cravings for your favorite junk food -- whether it be cupcakes, candy bars or tastey treats at McDonald's. But how can you fight those cravings away effectively? Carole Carson at AARP has 3 good tips to use. The shortened version:
Post from Patti Shea:
AARP Bulletin highlights Forbes' recent release of their most affordable cities...and 3 of them are metropolitan areas in Texas. That's right -- San Antonio, Houston and Austin were on their top ten list, along with a number of other cities that were not just valued on their cost of living, but…
This one goes out to one influential 50+ journalist, Katie Couric, on her 54th birthday! As the anchor and managing editor of CBS Evening News, a correspondent for 60 Minutes, and former host of the Today show, Couric has made quite an impression in in her field. She is also the very first solo…
One resolution that many folks have every year is to stress less. While we all have our own ways of removing stress from our lives, some could take some advice from chocolatier Antoinette Little. (Is it just me or isn't that such a perfect name for a chocolatier?) In AARP's December feature of Your…
Melissa Stanton has a piece on about health care reform has in store for it in 2011 -- many enactments are planned for this year, but so are many efforts for a repeal.
There is always something romantic about the holidays. The night lights, the cold winter air, big decadant meals, roaring fires at night that makes you want to snuggle -- not to mention all the holiday madness with the family oftentimes makes you just want to spend some quiet, quality time with…
Okay, so you have your typical family traditions for the holidays: baking cookies, going ice-skating, and so on and so forth. But what about creating some new fun holiday activities to slap onto the list? AARP has some new ideas that you may enjoy with your loved ones this holiday season. Here are…
Shut up. Really? Brain Yoga?
Today, December 8th, is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's shooting and death -- a day not to forget, nor is the man himself. AARP put together a beautiful slideshow representing his life, work, music and impact on the world. Don't miss it.
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