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Grannies on Safari

For the last leg of our Trans-Siberian railway journey, we spent almost three days in Beijing. There we enjoyed seeing the city's modern architecture, soaring skyscrapers, colorful shopping districts and first-class hotels.
Our next big destination along the historic Trans-Siberian Railway was Mongolia. As we left the hustle and bustle of Moscow, I was eager to experience how life in this large expanse of terrain would unfold.
1 st stop along the Trans-Siberian Railway -- Russia!
I travel all over the world and I am known as one of the greatest shoppers ever! No flea market, neighborhood store or thrift shop in any part of the world, is missed by me. I have bargained in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and well ....all over the United States.
Textiles with strong geometric patterns, stylized jackets representative of ethnicities of countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe and wall art that captures daily life in settings around the globe made up the major items on my travel shopping list for several decades. But recently…
Most people think we only travel to far away and exotic places to shoot our television travel series, and in most cases that would be the case; however, I found a wonderful place to spend a weekend or even a week, and it's not to far from my home.
It's so much easier to talk about all the things our country does wrong, to focus on the wars we are in and to obsess about the economy. But when I traveled to New York City last week with my friend who is from Peru and who had always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, it became clear to me that…
This week, our bloggers remember one perfect summer day. Today, it's the Grannies on Safari - meet them here.
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