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Nancy A. LeaMond

Nancy LeaMond is the chief advocacy and engagement officer for AARP, widely seen as one of the most powerful advocacy organizations. Leading its government affairs and legislative campaigns, she has the responsibility of driving the organization’s social mission on behalf of Americans 50-plus and their families. She also manages public education, volunteerism, multicultural outreach and engagement, and she directs major AARP initiatives that include supporting family caregivers through advocacy, education and innovative programs, and expanding AARP’s local footprint in communities across the country.
AARP will never stop fighting to protect Social Security, so it stays strong for you and future generations of Americans.
Last week, President Biden delivered his State of the Union address to a divided Congress – and a divided nation – and it already feels like the 2024 election is right around the corner.
According to the Harvard Business School, more than seven out of every 10 U.S. workers have what amounts to a demanding second job – providing unpaid care for their older parents, spouses, or other loved ones. These dedicated employees often struggle to balance all their responsibilities on the job…
As 2023 legislative sessions begin around the country, AARP will continue to push for measures to support family caregivers and those who depend on their care.
AARP helped pass new measures in dozens of states in 2022 to make life easier for family caregivers.
En español | Every single day, 65,700 dedicated individuals join the ranks of family caregivers. From hard-working young people to aging relatives, they represent every generation and community, now numbering more than 50 million Americans.
En español | When we talk about family caregiving, we usually focus on the dedicated souls who provide so much help to ailing loved ones. But this message is directed to a different audience: the employers that caregivers work for outside the home.
We’re all hearing how this midterm election season is a “split screen” on inflation versus abortion. But for OLDER WOMEN VOTERS, is it that simple?
Juggling the duties of caregiving with a paid job can be difficult and stressful for workers returning to the office after two years of remote work.
At a time when so many Americans are struggling with rising costs of everyday essentials like groceries and gas, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 recently passed by the Senate is historic legislation that will lower the prices of prescription drugs and put money back in the pockets of seniors.…
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