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Rick Levinson

The investing world has been all atwitter — or a tweeter — over the coming of Charles Schwab’s Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, which opened to the public today.
Arianna Huffington’s message for older Americans: Don’t define yourself in terms of money and power because someone always has more, she says. What’s way more important is your sense of well-being, wisdom and wonder.
Jean Chatzky has a few choice words for how most folks describe their relationship with money: Confusing. Frightening. Chaotic. Stressful. Precarious.
AARP debuted its first-ever consumer product at the Ideas@50+ conference in San Diego last month.
The recently installed head of the Internal Revenue Service, John Koskinen, dropped in on members of the media the other day at the National Press Club in Washington.
So it seems Japan-based Mt. Gox, the largest exchange for bitcoins, the virtual-currency released in 2009 by an anonymous creator, got ripped off by hackers. While we may not actually know the total amount taken, it may be large enough to push the company into bankruptcy.
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