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Marketers Turn to the Boomers Again

Check out this great story on today. The article is all about the boomer generation once again catching the eye of the marketer. Those boomers sure have buying power and they aren't afraid to use it. So why did marketers ever lose interest?

According to the story, over the last decade, boomers lost favor to younger generations, but now as companies have "felt the pinch of decreased consumer spending," they are realizing that 50+ Americans have definitely not stopped spending or exploring new brands.

You know you are a boomer because...

Companies have already embraced the boomer outreach, like Stouffer's "Let's Fix Dinner" campaign with a target audience of empty nesters, and Jeep honing in on "cool" grandparents. The MediaPost story even ventures to say that this marketing approach could affect society in more ways than one:

"...boomers are being portrayed in a more positive and realistic light in advertisements, which could shift how society views the 50+ population. The vibrant, active image of Jeep's "cool grandma" can replace traditional stereotypes and reshape our cultural perception of what it means to be in the second half of life."

Are you a Boomer that has noticed marketers targeting you more these days? Has it worked? Keep an eye out for the "new look" of the Boomer in the media!

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